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Running From the Thoughts

Dub Pistols feat. Terry Hall 🇬🇧

2nd April 2007 (LP)

The fourth song in my trilogy of Terry Hall-related tracks, here he is providing vocals to the 2007 track Running from the Thoughts on the Speakers and Tweeters LP by Dub Pistols.


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My Baby's Taking Me Home

Sparks 🇺🇸

14th October 2002

Few acts have gone through as many musical re-inventions as Sparks. Lil' Beethoven, their 2002 LP release, stood out as much as No. 1 in Heaven did in 1979, and as Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins did in 1994.


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Jesus of Suburbia

Green Day 🇺🇸

21st September 2004 (LP), 25th October 2005 (single)

The first in a trio of "big songs" - long, relatively complex songs that sound like they were the product of putting together separate pieces into one. Jesus Of Suburbia was made exactly that way.