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Buy Nothing Day

The Go! Team 🇬🇧🇺🇸

24th January 2011 (single), 31st January 2011 (LP)

Following Lime Habit by Poliça, here's another act that (often? always? not sure...) features two drummers live - The Go! Team. This was the lead single from their third LP Rolling Blackouts, with guest vocals from Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast.


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Lime Habit

Poliça 🇺🇸

13th November 2015 (single), 4th March 2016

If one uses the release date of the album, rather than the pre-release single, this track counts as being from the golden year of 2016 - for me the finest year of releases since 2004. It's distinctively Poliça, but without the prominent autotune effects that controversially featured in earlier releases.


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Chew Lips 🇬🇧

25th January 2010 (LP), 28th March 2010 (Single)

Chew Lips looked like they could be on their way to stardom at one point, but sadly it wasn't to be. One critically acclaimed album and a few singles are all we have, which is a great loss for all of us.