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Sweet Jane

Cowboy Junkies 🇨🇦

15th November 1988

A cover of a slower, quieter, version of The Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane, the song's writer Lou Reed has apparently gone on record as saying that this take, by Canadian "alternative country" band Cowboy Junkies, was his favourite.

This cover is based on the version from the 1969: The Velvet Underground Live LP.


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Our Lips Are Sealed

The Go-Go's 🇺🇸

12th June 1981 (single), 8th July 1981 (LP)

This song was co-written by Jane Wiedlin, rhythm guitarist of The Go-Go's, and Terry Hall - who was in the process of breaking up from The Specials, and forming Fun Boy Three.


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Lie Dream of a Casino Soul

The Fall 🇬🇧


Possibly one of the more accessible early-ish songs by The Fall, I originally intended to include this in the "two drummers" theme, but research tells me that this actually just preceded the two-drummer period of the band's fluid line-up, but it's a great song so it's time to talk about it anyway.