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Throw Down Your Arms

Sinéad O'Connor 🇮🇪

28th September 2005

Sinéad O'Connor is an amazing songwriter, yet is best known for a cover. This featured cover isn't the one that made her famous, however…

After minor hits with songs like Mandinka, O'Connor hit the big time with the song that most people know her for, the Prince-penned song Nothing Compares 2 U However, I think her song-writing is so strong that she deserves to be known for her own material.

Having said that, I just wrote up a piece on Grace Jones covering Private Life with Sly & Robbie, and that reminded me of O'Connor's superb album of reggae covers, again with the legendary reggae duo.

These are songs she grew up with, and the album covers Burning Spear, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and others.

This is the title track off the album and was originally by Jamaican artist Burning Spear, featuring on his 1977 album Dry & Heavy. This is not a case where I'm claiming the cover is better than the original. And I could name dozens of better Sinéad O'Connor records. But I wanted to include this here as it's still great, and ties up in a theme with the aforementioned Grace Jones record.

The Sinéad O'Connor album "Universal Mother" is one of my all-time favourite records - it is more conventional pop but still carries a dub influence. Something off of that album, or it's predecessor, will be added to this blog before long. It will definitely be one of her own compositions, she's a hell of a songwriter.

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