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This is a blog about songs. Songs that I love.

Given the title, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ll kick off with Song To The Siren.

The update rate will vary - I’ll add new articles on a whim, basically.

There will be a lot of “indie with female vocalists” cos that’s my bag, but there will be some variety too - I’m listening to way more instrumental music than I used to, for example.

I tend to listen mostly to “current” music, but there won’t be so many recent songs on this blog, because, for a song to be written up here, it needs to be something I’ve lived with for a while, and that I know won’t be something I’m likely to tire of soon.

The working title for the blog was “Songs I’ll Never Tire Of” - a terrible name with arguably dodgy grammar. It was accurate to the intent, though. The title didn’t stick, but the principle will.


No cookies are set. There is no longer a login, so no information about you is requested at all. The earlier version of this site had logins for comments, but they weren’t used much so I removed them, and, by the time this ’static’ version of the site is live, that data will have been destroyed.

Source code

The site is served as static HTML etc files. However, the source material is a combination of Markdown documents and metadata that’s stored as Swift objects. Swift code generates the static site when I do updates, and this static version gets uploaded.

The code behind the old dynamic version can be found on GitHub.

The static site generate in use now can be found on GitHub also.


Q: Why does it look so awful?

A: I make no claims to be a designer, sorry :)

Q: Have you tested it for readability for people with various forms of colour-blindness?

A: Not yet, but it is something I intend to do as soon as I can. If anyone is in a position to report any such issues, please reached out to me david (at) - thanks. I’ll be testing for other accessibility requirements too.

Q: Why is it all old music?

A: I’m old (born 1962). But as it happens, more than a lot of people of my age, I tend to listen mostly to new stuff. However, the original idea behind this blog was, as mentioned above, to list songs I know I’ll always love. And you have to live with a song for some time to know if it’s one you will never tire of.


David Stevenson, currently residing in Oxford, UK.

@hoagy_ytfc on Twitter.