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Lime Habit

Poliça 🇺🇸

13th November 2015 (single), 4th March 2016

If one uses the release date of the album, rather than the pre-release single, this track counts as being from the golden year of 2016 - for me the finest year of releases since 2004. It's distinctively Poliça, but without the prominent autotune effects that controversially featured in earlier releases.


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Chains Changed EP

Throwing Muses 🇺🇸

January 1987

Having already fallen in love with their untitled début album, this EP - along with Fish and The Fat Skier mini-LP later in the year - left me convinced that Throwing Muses could well be, for me, The Best Band In The World. Ever.

Clearly, taking such a view after just one LP and a few other bits and pieces is premature, but my unrivalled love for this band remains with me today. And there's a new record Sun Racket coming later in 2020.


Tags: 1980s 4AD EP

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My Baby's Taking Me Home

Sparks 🇺🇸

14th October 2002

Few acts have gone through as many musical re-inventions as Sparks. Lil' Beethoven, their 2002 LP release, stood out as much as No. 1 in Heaven did in 1979, and as Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins did in 1994.