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Thank You For Hearing Me

Sinéad O’Connor

13th September 1994🇮🇪

Sadly, I write this on the day we learn that Sinéad O'Connor has passed away.

I talked about her covers earlier in this blog, but she was a tremendous songwriter in her own right. I became a committed fan when I saw her at a festival in 1994 or maybe 1995 when she was promoting Universal Mother, having previously only known her own song Mandinka, and Nothing Compares 2 U, the cover that made her famous.

I was knocked over by this performance of melodic music somehow influenced by folk and dub at the same time.


Throw Down Your Arms

Sinéad O’Connor

28th September 2005🇮🇪

Although Sinéad O’Connor is an amazing songwriter, she is best known for her version of a song written by Prince. This is a cover, but not that one - this track is from an album she made of classic reggae songs she grew up with.