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Chains Changed EP

Throwing Muses 🇺🇸

January 1987

Having already fallen in love with their untitled début album, this EP - along with Fish and The Fat Skier mini-LP later in the year - left me convinced that Throwing Muses could well be, for me, The Best Band In The World. Ever.

Clearly, taking such a view after just one LP and a few other bits and pieces is premature, but my unrivalled love for this band remains with me today. And there's a new record Sun Racket coming later in 2020.

The first LP - which we treated as eponymous until 2003 when another LP called "Throwing Muses" was released, and the band declared that the 1986 one was actually untitled - came across my radar via an interview in Melody Maker by Chris Roberts. They sounded interesting, and his enthusiasm got me interested, given the number of other acts that we shared a love for. So I got the first LP, play it once, think "crikey", and put it aside. Thankfully I gave it another few plays a week later and then it hit home what a special record by a remarkable band this was.

Chains Changed was a four-track EP that formed the next release, ahead of the band's appearance on the 4AD compilation that brought them to a wider audience.

Finished (embedded above) is the stand-out track for me, but all four are pretty amazing. Next up was Reel - unlike the other three tracks by Kristin Hersh, this one was penned by Tanya Donelly, who would later leave to form Belly and have a solo career (via a formative stint in The Breeders). After Snailhead, there's Cry Baby Cry - Hersh's song, rather than The Beatles track of the same name - which Throwing Muses covered later as a B-side.

If you don't know this band, please give Finished a listen. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but I can guarantee you've not heard anything else quite like this.

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