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13th November 2015 (single), 4th March 2016🇺🇸

If one uses the release date of the album, rather than the pre-release single, this track counts as being from the golden year of 2016 - for me the finest year of releases since 2004. It’s distinctively Poliça, but without the prominent autotune effects that controversially featured in earlier releases.

United Crushers was Poliça’s third LP, and there’s a distinct tweak in style in each record, while still being clearly the same band. Early material used an effect where Channy’s vocals where doubled, both live and on record, by mixing in an autotuned version along with the “real” vocal. It was distinctive, and I liked it, but it wasn’t to everyone’s taste. The autotune takes a back seat here, and this gives the track a more conventional vocal sound.

But there’s still plenty about this track that is distinctly Poliça - the two live drummers, along with sequenced electronic drums and synths. In a live context, the line-up is vocals, bass, and two drummers.

If you like this, check out the album. It’s basically a load more of the same sort of thing.

Also, check out the video, as embedded above. I think it’s quite beautiful. The images are mostly totally blown-out, highly over-exposed. This imagery reflects the song’s apparent subject - Channy’s feelings of being in the limelight.