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21st February 2020


There aren’t many new tracks on this blog because the premise is that it’s about songs I’ve lived with long enough to know I’ll always love them. But I want to introduce a few from 2020, starting with Idoru, the final track from Miss Anthropocene, the 2020 LP by Grimes.

Grimes, aka Claire Elise Boucher, is a Canadian electronic/pop artist who came to wide attention in 2012 with her third LP Visions, after signing to 4AD records. The album topped a lot of critics’ polls that year, and the single Genesis, in particular, drew a lot of attention.

Miss Anthropocene is her fifth album, and Idoru is the closing track. It’s electronic pop with heavily multi-tracked vocals almost reminiscent of a shoe-gazing act. It’s a beautiful sound, a tremendous mix, and is a song I’m confident will stand the test of time.

This is a highlight of last year for me, along with Time Is Hardcore, by High Contrast ft. Kae Tempest and Anita Bray.