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21st February 2020🇨🇦

There aren’t many new tracks on this blog because the premise is that it’s about songs I’ve lived with long enough to know I’ll always love them. But I want to introduce a few from 2020, starting with Idoru, the final track from Miss Anthropocene, the 2020 LP by Grimes.

Grimes, aka Claire Elise Boucher, is a Canadian electronic/pop artist who came to wide attention in 2012 with her third LP Visions, after signing to 4AD records. The album topped a lot of critics’ polls that year, and the single Genesis, in particular, drew a lot of attention.

Miss Anthropocene is her fifth album, and Idoru is the closing track. It’s electronic pop with heavily multi-tracked vocals almost reminiscent of a shoe-gazing act. It’s a beautiful sound, a tremendous mix, and is a song I’m confident will stand the test of time.

This is a highlight of last year for me, along with Time Is Hardcore, by High Contrast ft. Kae Tempest and Anita Bray.