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Terry Hall

12 September 1994 (LP), November 1994 (single)🇬🇧

Another one from Terry Hall, and another collaboration. This time it’s with Ian Broudie, who released his version as the title track from The Lightning Seeds April 1992 LP “Sense”.

Hall collaborated with Broudie on a few tracks on that album, and sang BVs on this track. A few years later, Hall recorded his own version for his solo LP “Home” - produced by Broudie. This take is pretty similar to Broudie’s - with enough difference that I can definitely say that, although I love them both, I prefer this one.

The official video upload to YouTube is of appalling quality, so I’ve embedded a third-party upload above.

I liked a lot about The Lightning Seeds, not least Broudie’s ability to attract top class collaborators like Terry Hall and Ian McNabb of The Icicle Works.

Hall himself has also worked with plenty of other artists I love, including a cute version of All Kinds of Everything, with Sinéad O’Connor.

See the links below for Terry Hall performing Sense live with a “supergroup” line-up, including Chris Sharrock on drums (The Icicle Works, World Party, Oasis, etc), Will Sergeant on bass (Echo & the Bunnymen), Craig Gannon on guitar (The Bluebells, The Smiths, Morrissey), and on keys it’s Angie Pollock (Goldfrapp, Peter Gabriel, etc). TBH, it's not a great performance, the whole seems to be less than the sum of the parts, or something.