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Thru The Glass

Thirteen Senses

1st March 2004 (single), 27th September 2004 (LP)🇬🇧

The standout years in my annual best-of-year compilations are 2004 and 2016. The mix for the former kicked off with this track from Cornwall’s Thirteen Senses.

2004 was a year I was either not working or freelancing form home, so I had time to listen to a lot more radio than normal. And, significantly, in 2003 that DAB radio (for all its technical faults) became mainstream, and I discovered BBC 6 Music. In the next year or so, my view of the state of music was massively reinvigorated by that radio station. This blog will feature quite a few numbers from the mid-2000s, thanks to 6music.

Thru The Senses was released as a single in spring 2004, presumably without selling in the hoped-for numbers, because after the album release that Autumn, the record company gave it another shot and apparently it troubled the charts this time around. Thankfully, I’d grown well past caring about the charts by then.

This is hook-laden indie pop at its best.