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The Departure

2nd August 2004 (single), 13th June 2005 (LP)🇬🇧

Another song from the 2004 “Golden Era”. This one is heavily influenced by the “New Romantic” movement of the late 70s, early 80s.

The Departure were from Northampton, as was 6music DJ Andrew Collins who championed them on the radio station at the time.

There’s this cyclic thing in pop/rock music where kids influenced by their parents’ music collection start making records of their own. I’m making assumptions here, but The Departure are the right age to have parents who listened to Spandau Ballet - and this sounds a fair bit like the earlier Spandau material (before they got shit).

This is the sort of sound that music journalists call “angular” for some reason - like that term makes any sense in a music context. Maybe it comes from the dancing style as much as the rhythm of the music?

As I mentioned in an earlier song, 2004 is a golden era for me, and this song took a prominent position in my end-of-year compilation.