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Film Burn

Yppah (feat. Anomie Belle)

11th February 2012🇺🇸

The third in a trio of songs by a pair of my favourite artists of recent years. Following Salt Spring by Anomie Belle, and Gumball Machine Weekend by Yppah, this track sees them working together on Film Burn, one of several collaborations between the pair on the 2012 Yppah record Eighty One.

After the two artists had met while touring with Bonobo, and Yppah invited Anomie Belle to collaborate on a track that became part of Eighty One - and she ended up providing vocals, instrumentation and production to a bunch of songs, including Film Burn.

This is a perfect meld of the two - it slots perfectly into the repertoire of either artist.

I particularly recommend checking out their live live KEXP performance together, with the amazing Sean Lane on drums.