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Salt Spring

Anomie Belle

26th August 2016🇺🇸

This is the first in a trio of songs by a pair of my favourite artists of recent years. First up is singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Anomie Belle, with Salt Spring from her 2016 LP Flux.

I first discovered Belle’s music via her collaboration with Yppah (more about him very soon!). She featured heavily on his Eighty One LP, released in 2012, contributing vocals, instrumentation and production to several tracks after the two had met while touring with Bonobo.

Flux is her third solo LP, following Sleeping Patterns (2008), and The Crush (2011), and I think it’s her best solo work so far. The style varies between the acoustic piano and voice number The Good Life - to glitchy full-on electronic treatments like Lovers with its beautiful (but probably NSFW) video.

I also highly recommend checking out Picture Perfect, her collab with Jon Auer of The Posies.