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Lost in the Plot

The Dears

15th April 2003🇨🇦

This is a song in three movements from the Canadian band’s second album. It doesn’t have a conventional verse-chorus structure - it’s more like a linear piece with three distinct sections.

I first heard this on Round Table on BBC 6 Music. It starts off kinda Morrissey-esque - and to be honest my initial thought was that it there nothing special here. But my feelings for this song grew as that section of the song developed, and two minutes in it goes into the second movement. Not only is this section more uplifting, but the contrast also seems to give joy of the first part.

And then it dramatically shifts up again at 3:20 (album version, it’s about 2:50 in the edited version in the linked video), and this is where I distinctly recall falling so madly in love with this song on that first listen.

Of course, I go back now and wonder how the first section seemed disappointing at first. Maybe it’s just that it’s less hook-laden so it took more time - or maybe it’s the contrast of the other sections that put it in context.

Either way, this song is a total joy.

These are the first Canadian artists to appear on this blog. There will be many more.