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No Curse



Recorded for the Shaking Through project, this song was written around the time of the 2017 Waxatchee LP “Out in the Storm”.

Like most Waxahatchee songs, it combines simple chords with sweet melody, but in this case a slicker-than-usual production elevates it above the norm.

Waxahatchee is the project name for songer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. At this time she had a steady band line up featuring twin sister Allison (guitar, keys, BVs), along with Katherine Simonetti (bass), and Ashley Arnwine (drums), though Allison does not appear on this recording.

There is a documentary about the recording of this song, in which the band seems to imply that this would be part of Out in the Storm. However, it never made it and was a standalone single only.

Crutchfield’s songs are rarely complex in terms of chord structures. It’s rare for her to venture far beyond diatonic Major/minor and this song is basically I V IV in the verse and ii IV V I in the chorus. But it’s always the melody that makes the song with Waxahatchee.

One of the great benefits of being relatively simple is that a song can easily adapt to different interpretations. “La Loose”, for example, from 2015’s Ivy Tripp, was releaseed in an electronic form, but also works well solo acoustic, and in an indie band context.