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Fucked Up

7th June 2011🇨🇦

The first of three songs by bands whose names include the F word. This track from Fucked Up is shouty and furious as the character “David”, but sweet and soft as “Veronica” responds. But it’s always catchy and tuneful.

David Comes to Life is a “rock opera”å, an 18-song epic in four acts, based on a love story between the characters David and Veronica.

The official video to this track features a children’s choir acting and singing the song over a backing of the record. David’s part, sung by Damien Abraham on the record, is performed by the boys, while obviously the girls take Madeline Follin’s part of Veronica.

The embedded video above is audio-only, and features the recording as you’ll hear it if you buy the record. This is the “proper” version if you value music more than visuals.

The version with the kids is linked below.