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Ride on Time

Black Box

1989 (Single), 1990 (LP)🇮🇹

Another sample-heavy song, this time taking vocals from an a cappella mix of Loleatta Holloway’s 1980 single Love Senstation. Along with an Italian House backing track, the result was a pop dance hit, which still sounds great to me, thirty years on.

(This official video sounds like the re-recorded version with Heather Small doing the vocals. The person miming in the video is a model, and is neither Heather Small nor Loleatta Holloway).

The producers of this record took samples from an a capella mix of Holloway’s disco track Love Sensation, and added the classic elements of Italian House, including the 909 drums and all-important Korg M-1 piano riff. The result was a number one hit in the UK, the biggest result for any of track from the then-popular Italian House movement.

The title reportedly comes from the Italian producers mis-hearing the Right On Time line from the original.

After Holloway sued for unauthorised use of her recording, the track was re-made with Heather Small trying to emulate the original artist.