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24th July 2015🇬🇧

This is a great song. And Pesky is surely a genius name for a band of kids?

This came out of nowhere in 2015 - it got a load of radio play and the band got on daytime TV. Seven kids from Ulverston in the Lake District, they made an EP of glorious shoe-gazey pop tracks.

I try not to be too cynical, especially about young people being creative, but there’s no footage of them playing live that I can find, and the polished, tight, sound seems different to what you might think they can do from watching the videos where they are miming. I don’t enjoy thinking this, and I REALLY want to be proved wrong (please prove me wrong) but I felt the teacher that promoted and organised them probably played much of this. The vocals are clearly from kids, but I wonder about the rest. I’ll be well happy to be wrong about that, though.

It still sounds great though, as do several other tracks on the Smells Like Tween Spirit EP