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Ride on Time

Black Box 🇮🇹

1989 (Single), 1990 (LP)

Another sample-heavy song, this time taking vocals from an a cappella mix of Loleatta Holloway's 1980 single Love Senstation. Along with an Italian House backing track, the result was a pop dance hit, which still sounds great to me, thirty years on.


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Public Service Broadcasting 🇬🇧

26th March 2012 (single), 6th May 2013 (LP)

Continuing the theme of sample-based tracks, next up is Spitfire, by Public Service Broadcasting. The song would work absolutely fine as an instrumental, but the samples from the 1942 film "The First of the Few" add so much more.


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Pump Up The Volume

M/A/R/R/S 🇬🇧

3rd August 1987

Shortly after sample-heavy Hot Doggie by Colourbox appeared on the 4AD Compilation "Lonely Is An Eyesore", the label released a collaborative single between Colourbox and label-mates AR Kane as a Double A-Side. The result was less of a collaboration than intended. One side was nearly all AR Kane, the other side was nearly all Colourbox. It was the latter side that got the airplay, and that took the song to the top of the UK Charts.