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Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time

Gang of Four 🇬🇧

1980 (single), 1981 (Solid Gold LP)

If there's one band whose influence seems to massively outweigh their own commercial success, it's Gang of Four. Year-in, year-out, we hear new acts influenced by their funk and dub influenced post-punk rock. This song encapsulates everything I loved about them. It's angry. political, energetic, and yet it grooves.


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Ride on Time

Black Box 🇮🇹

1989 (Single), 1990 (LP)

Another sample-heavy song, this time taking vocals from an a cappella mix of Loleatta Holloway's 1980 single Love Senstation. Along with an Italian House backing track, the result was a pop dance hit, which still sounds great to me, thirty years on.


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Hot Doggie

Colourbox 🇬🇧

15th June 1987

Featured on the 1987 4AD Compilation Lonely Is An Eyesore, this track showed the sampling skills of brothers Martyn and Steven Young, recording as Colourbox. Soon after, under the M|A|R|R|S guise, they would have a UK number one hit single with a tune based largely on samples from other records - but Hot Doggie samples from TV and film.