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Sweet Jane

Cowboy Junkies 🇨🇦

15th November 1988

A cover of a slower, quieter, version of The Velvet Underground's Sweet Jane, the song's writer Lou Reed has apparently gone on record as saying that this take, by Canadian "alternative country" band Cowboy Junkies, was his favourite.

This cover is based on the version from the 1969: The Velvet Underground Live LP.


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Lovely Allen

Holy Fuck 🇨🇦

Single (2008), LP (2007)

The final song in a trio of tracks by bands with sweary names, and the second instrumental. It combines electronics with live instruments in a tune that really "grooves".


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Queen of Hearts

Fucked Up 🇨🇦

7th June 2011

The first of three songs by bands whose names include the F word. This track from Fucked Up is shouty and furious as the character "David", but sweet and soft as "Veronica" responds. But it's always catchy and tuneful.